Wednesday, April 2, 2014

All About AmazinAdrielle - J-K!

After brainstorming some things relating to my life, I have created this lovely alphabet about me - so you can get to know me a little better! You can also find more information about me on my website =). 


J is for...

Jewelry - I love jewelry! I have had pierced ears since I was four years old, and love not-too-dangly styles of earrings. I also often wear rings, and necklaces. At the moment, I am wearing a silver celtic-design ring with a blue stone in the middle, and I usually wear a gold necklace with either a cat charm (given to me by Kecapmanis), or angel wings (given to me by Ellenya).

I also wear silver ring splints on my fingers and thumbs that look like jewelry - they stop my fingers from bending backwards, as like all of my other joints, they are way too bendy.

Juggling - When I was in the circus, I did a lot of juggling - often while hula hooping, balancing on a rola bola, or both! I learned to juggle when I was 14 years old =D.


K is for...

Kinder Surprise - I love those eggs and chocolate bars - seriously! So milky! =D

Keyboard - I used to learn keyboard when I was in school. I also learned recorder for a year, took singing lessons, was in the school choir, juggle and acrobatic club,  and any arts festival, production or performance that I could possibly be involved in!

Kingdompedia - I am currently a player-administrator of Emerald Kingdompedia - the Emerald Kingdom game wiki! I am also very excited to be a beta tester in the game.


The next installment in this alphabet will be coming soon! 

~Ad =)