Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Day Out!

Today, my family went out for the day. I took some extra oxycodone and some anti-nausea medicine to keep me going, and I wore my cool stripy socks. 
We saw a weight-bearing "S".
Ellenya posed next to it!
We went to the lolly shop - but it was REALLY UN-wheelchair friendly, so I could only go into one room. I got some fudge and cigar lollies, though. My mum had to go and pay for them because I couldn't go up the stairs :P 
Then I got to sleep in the car while mum bought lunch.
We ate lunch (fish and chips) in the park =)
The park had a neat sign with very detailed directions:
It also had cannons on top of a big rock (yes - the one mentioned on the sign!). Optimistically, I decided that I was absolutely determined to get up to the cannon. After all - cannons = piratey! Yarr!
I used trees to lean on, and took breaks on the way. I sat on some rocks along the way as well.
Of course, my Fibroduck was by my side on my journey!
The best part of today was that I made it to the top of the rock, and to the cannon!!! After recovering for a bit, I took some photos, and posed for other people to take pictures of me!
I am so happy that I made it to the cannon, because it was so hard, and no-one thought that I would be able to do it! I am now recovering at home. I guess I will feel the bad after effects of my challenge over the next week or so - but it was worth it! I slept until dinner time, then got up and had some macaroni beef. Ellenya and I also sampled this lovely treat from the lolly shop:
They were awesome!  Now, I think it is my bed time! Nighty night!

~Adrielle =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend so far =) 
Good Friday
On Good Friday, my family don't eat "meat" (as in beef, pork, lamb, poultry, etc.) - but we eat fish. So, for lunch, we had an awesome pumpkin soup (from my grandfather's home-grown pumpkin) and prawn salad.
 Oh, and (of course) some chocolate Easter eggs!
While I went off to enjoy some prawn salad, someone grey, tan, white and cat-shaped stole my comfy chair!!!
She was quite unhappy at first, when I tried to steal it back... But then purred and cuddled into my lap. 

We all relaxed for most of the day, watching the Good Friday Appeal on T.V., and had an awesome fish, rice and greens meal for dinner (lovingly cooked by Kecapmanis). 

Our family decided that since we had been dieting since Christmas, we would give each other our Easter presents a day early... Here is a picture of our family's stash!
 And, my personal stash =D
Hehe! That's right - you are NEVER too old for a Humpty Dumpty egg!

In the afternoon, we took Franklin and Shelley outside for a play... and an Easter egg hunt!
They had fun sniffing and walking over the eggs, but got bored of them pretty quickly! So cute!!! (The poor green Easter egg got squashed!)

For lunch, we had a barbecue in the sunshine! This was my sandwich...
And this is my baby Moke, eating her barbecued chop... she's not spoiled at all!
 I love the way she holds it with her little paw, and has a bath in the sunshine after she's finished...

After lunch (and a snooze), I feasted on some of my Easter presents!

And then, after dinner, we had this for dessert... Hehe!
Yes, it is a chocolate mousse cake covered in Easter eggs, and made by the lovely Kecapmanis =D

I hope everyone is having as awesome a weekend as we are having! Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it! 

~Adrielle =)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pictures and Things from the Last Week =)

So, this is another picture-filled blog post! This time, I am sharing pictures from the last week. I hope you enjoy them!

The Elephant Teapot
For anyone who doesn't know, I collect trinkets (miniature figurines, statuettes, and various pretty/shiny/decorative/awesome items). Elephants make up a large part of my collection, because they are really cute, exotic, and there is such variety and creativity in the way that they are portrayed! 
Last weekend, my dad went to a garage sale where they were selling tea pots. He saw this, and got it for me!!!
It is so cute! I love it (and I love my dad)! The elephant teapot is made from very light porcelain, and the glaze is very shiny! The little handle on the lid is a monkey sitting on the elephant's back. Unfortunately, I am a slightly dodgy photo taker, and the monkey is facing the wrong way in the picture! 

My Furry-PurryAngel, Moke
As I am chronically ill, I spend a lot of time lying in bed, or sleeping in bed. My beautiful little cat, Moke, love this - especially when it is cold and she wants a warm cuddle!
Although, she doesn't mind if I get up and leave her in bed in peace and quiet...
 I love my cat! 

We went out to the local pub to lunch, and (of course) Fibroduck joined us!
Fibroduck likes raspberry lemonade, just like me! He had a little trouble reaching the straw at first, but luckily, he soon found a handy salt shaker to sit on so that he could reach =D

Lastly, our severums (Chomp and Shorty) have started a family in our fish tank! (I have posted video of them when they were freshly hatched, and when they were slightly bigger over the last few days on Twitter and Facebook). The babies hatched around six days ago, and have just started free-swimming! The most recent video can be viewed here =)
~Ad =)