Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well, this morning I felt up to going outside and taking some photos before the frost had fully melted. I am so glad I did - there are such pretty things in my garden! =D 
When I came back inside, Moke helped to warm me up =D

 ~Adrielle =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

DrawPlus and Photoshop Art =)

Well, last night, the lovely Iong and I tested out a free drawing program called DrawPlus starter edition. It is awesome! It is a vector drawing program, which means that it actively smooths my dodgy lines as I draw them, and also - my lines are editable =D

Here is an outline that I drew using DrawPlus:

After I had finished the outline, I exported it as a .png - with a transparent background (which is an awesome export option!) - so that I could color it in Photoshop. Here are some in-progress pictures of my coloring in:

And the finished picture!

Lastly, I tried out some filters in Photoshop:

~Addy =) 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My weekend!

Here are some pictures of my weekend =). Yesterday, my infected wisdom teeth finally started to feel much better! Most of the swelling has now gone down, and the pain has almost gone. I have a repeat of antibiotics to go, which should make sure that the nasty bugs are well and truly gone.

Anyway, as I was finally feeling a bit better, my family decided to go out for lunch. I was really excited to get out of the house, but it was exhausting actually getting dressed and ready to go out. I made it, though! I even wore some make-up and jewellery - so I felt all pretty!
I even got to use my new glitter eye shadow for the first time (I have had it for ages, but I don't have a reason to dress up very often - mostly I wear pj's or track suits when I am in bed half the day with ME/CFS, FMS, and EDS, and I don't even brush my hair lol!)
This is a half cut-off picture of me and Ellenya in the car =D
I felt okay through lunch, and had a lovely Caesar Salad =D Then we went to Spotlight and bought some more craft supplies (yes, I am addicted lol!) Mum pushed me in my wheelchair, and I acted like a shopping trolley, with all our purchases on my lap! Hehe =D. On the way home, though, I got really sick =(. I was so glad that I got sick on the way home and not on the way there! I spent the afternoon sleeping and recovering! I am very glad that we had hydrolyte icy poles in the freezer - they really helped!
Anyway, today I have had a lovely relaxing and recovering day. Mum made me this awesome potatoey nachoey thing for lunch with real freshly-made quacamole! It was NICE!!! 

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Art & Moke Pictures =)

So, at the moment, I have two infected wisdom teeth (on top of the usual fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, EDS, arthritic hips and knee, etc.), and I feel pretty rotten. My regular computer is still off getting fixed in Melbourne (under warranty - apparently it's "cooling module" failed, causing the main board to be damaged - which seems to be technical-speak for the little fan stopped spinning, so some other inner components got a bit melted). The computer I am using in its place is not quite powerful enough to run all of my usual art programs, which is sad. I have done some drawings using what I can, though =D. The fist is sort of a portrait of me (before I got sick and got round-faced from steroids!)
I also made a forum avatar for a fellow Puzzle Pirate =D

I am currently working on an entry into this month's Puzzle Pirates portrait background contest - but my entry so far is not up to the point where I think it could win. I will see if I have time to finish it off a bit before the deadline. Lastly, though, here are some cheer up pictures of my gorgeous Moke =) She cuddles me when I am feeling sick and down, and she can always cheer me up! I love her =D
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