Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Awesome Day!

Well last night, there was a group of really cute finches eating the aphids and spiders off of our rose bushes (outside the kitchen window!) I tried to get some pictures of them through the blinds.


And a video:

Also last night, mine and Ellenya's FibroDuck's came in the mail!!!

Today, we went shopping (and took our FibroDucks!). It was awesome! I had a really good day illness-wise, so I could enjoy it! I was even able to walk into two shops with just my walking stick  (which is bright pink and has a yellow butterfly pattern on it! It folds up, and is easy to fold and unfold, so I can take it in the basket on the front of my mobility scooter. Incidentally, my blue glittery mobility scooter also has a pink glitter butterfly deco on the front ;D)

Anyway, the first place we went to was a gift shop that sold rice barrels similar to the furniture items in Puzzle Pirates! Yarr!  I just had to grab a photo! (Those are our FibroDucks sitting on top of it!)

I didn't buy a rice barrel, but I did buy a lovely elephanty beady bell thing to hang in my room =D.

After walking around the large gift shop (YES, I WALKED!!!), we went to a shopping centre to continue our shopping adventure. I ended up buying the things pictures below, including non-permanent "plum" (purple) hair dye, a pretty fan (I sort of collect them! I can't resist the pretty shininess!) and a sparkly hair clip (can't resist those either!)  I also started my Easter shopping - when you are chronically ill, it is good to plan ahead (also, I didn't want them to sell out of the speciality nougat-filled eggs that we all love!) I confess, I bought an extra nougat egg, and it has now all been gobbled! Hehe!

The other thing that I got today was a little elephant statue. I collect elephants, and this one was really cute! Its head opens up, and you can hide things inside it! It now resides on top of my drawers.

When we got home, I slept for hours! I hope I don't suffer too much tomorrow, but today was so worth it! =D

My FibroDuck and my scooter keys!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last week on the way home from a shopping, we stopped at the river to eat ice-cream (mine was peach melba flavoured! It was awesome!) It was a nice warm day, and the park wasn't busy at all. Ellenya and I went wading in the river! I got tired very quickly, but there was a nice spot to sit on the steps that come down from the park to the water, and we could dangle our feet in the water and lean on the hand rail. Ellenya and I thought that one day we could go back there and tether a swim ring to the handrail and set sail (without the fear of being swept away by the strong river current).

On the way back to the car, I rode a pelican...

Since getting sick with ME/CFS, I haven't been able to play in the river much. I just don't have the physical strength to feel safe (and stay safe) in the current, and I tire so very quickly! I'm so grateful for any time I have the energy to have fun in the water (even if they are very short, and mostly few and far between!) I'm really glad that Ellenya takes care of me!

Today, we went to the river again! We went to a different spot, though. We had a picnic lunch beside the water, in the shade of a giant old gum tree. It was nice and quiet (except for the pleasant sounds of kookaburras and other birds). I grew some lovely sweet teeth!

Later, Ellenya and I went swimming in the river! I took a big swim ring to protect against getting too tired and drowning, and we packed an air bed pump to use to pump it up! Ellenya stopped me and my swim ring from floating away with the current, using the handy little handles on the swim ring. After a while, I got too tired and had to get out of the water. Ellenya had to help me walk back to our picnic blanket!

Then Ellenya found a pretzel bra!

I lied in the shade of the giant old gum tree and snoozed. It was lovely! When it was time to go home, we had the dilemma of having to fit the now blown-up swim ring into the car... It had a safety valve on it to stop it from leaking air and deflating, which was really not helpful when we wanted it to deflate! We managed to shrink it enough that we could stuff it into the back seat between us! I snoozed on it as we drove, hehe!

When we got home, I had a shower to rinse off the river mud (I'm very glad that I have a shower chair!) Then I went to bed until dinner time. I am still recovering from the awesome day, but I am so glad that I got to go out and have fun!

~Adrielle =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Adrielle's Tiny Shippie! =D

Just for fun, I tried making a tiny ship! It proved very hard to fit all of the things a ship needs into this small space (and the ship is still relatively big)! It certainly makes sense that ships smaller than a sloop have been anti-listed by Puzzle Pirates!

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