Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wildlife Park! =)

My dad took this picture of my new friend chewing my fingers!
Anyone who knows me probably knows that I love animals! Today, my family went to the wildlife sanctuary! It was awesome =) Ellenya says the park rehabilitates injured wild animals as well as housing animals that were bred in captivity. I am so grateful to my dad for pushing my wheelchair around the whole park!!! I made friends with a cockatoo who could say "Hello!" hehe
I took these pictures:
He chewed Ellenya too!

He was really cute! We also got to feed and pat some very friendly little kangaroos!  I took lots of pictures of them! They were so cute and soft!
This little guy decided to sniff my toes!
My dad took this awesome picture!!!
They like to lie around relaxing... kinda like my cat! 

We saw a barking owl that sounded like a dog barking... I am so glad there isn't one of those nesting outside my window!
My dad took this pic!
We saw some little wallabies too - but they were pretty shy and didn't come over to us.  I took a picture of one of them from a distance.

There were also peacocks in the park. Those guys are SO PRETTY! I think they know it, too - they have that air about them... lol!
Dad is better at photographing these guys than I was! This picture is by him =)
Dad took this photo
Dad took this picture too!
And there were also some cute little ducks! 

And some swans! (These two were inside a big walk through aviary - one was missing some feathers from its wing, so maybe that's why it was inside - there were lots of swans outside too!)
And these birdies! I think the first one is some type of lapwing, but I'm not sure. I have no idea what kind of bird the backwards bending knee guy is! Dad thought he was a statue - but then he moved! hehe 

There were some cute little grass parrots and a rosella outside.

We saw some cutie koalas resting in trees under misting sprinkler things and shade sails to keep cool! It was hot, and we stood getting misted for a while too! 

The park also had some little fairy penguins! One of them was rescued from being tangled in fishing line, and only has one foot =( Poor little guy! He seemed pretty happy there though =) 
Dad took this picture of feeding time!

I so want to go back there again!!! 

~Adrielle =) 

*Pics without captions that say otherwise were taken by me =)

Some Random Pics!

Franklin playing in the grass
One of our turtleys swimming in the pond
Me testing out  my new chair (that I got for Christmas)
My bracelet that I got for Christmas
One of my earrings that I got for Christmas
~Adrielle =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well, I had an awesome Christmas, despite having to sleep for a lot of Christmas day! My family got to open our presents from each other early - on Christmas eve eve - because we were going to be travelling early the next day, and couldn't take all our presents with us. I got heaps of awesome stuff, including this gorgeous gold chain for my birthday necklace!  
I also got lots of lollies, biscuits, pjs, a reclining outdoor chair (which will be awesome coz I have a lot of trouble sitting in ordinary outdoor chairs because of fatigue and pain), earrings, and more! Everyone seemed to like the presents I got for them, too! 

We travelled down to my grandparents' house (which is pretty much up the opposite end of the state to where we live) early in the morning on Christmas eve. I slept for a lot of the trip! Here are some photos I took from the car on the trip down to my grandparents' (on mum's side of the family) house!
I painted my nails Christmas colours =) (like my pirate gloves? hehe - they help with my wrist and hand pain!)
After sleeping for much of the afternoon, I was able to get up and see some relatives =D I was sad that I missed out on most of their visit, though. Later in the afternoon, Ellenya and I put together and decorated a gingerbread house for Christmas morning tea! After that, I had another sleep until dinner (pizza!) I went to bed pretty early on Christmas eve. 

On Christmas day, everyone had to be up early. I had a shower and dressed up as Santa! hehe!
 My grandmother greeted me with "Oh shit!" lol! (Then said merry Christmas and gave me a kiss!) The outfit was a bit uncomfortable though, so I didn't keep it on for very long. I wore an ornate halo instead! hehe

Some more pictures from Christmas morning:
My jinglebell bracelets! 

We gave out presents in the morning at "the tree", and then had morning tea (including the gingerbread house! lol)
Then I had a sleep until the roast lunch and Christmas pudding! We hide coins in the pudding and if you find a coin, you get to exchange it for a present! All of the presents are in boxes and are labelled with things like "anyone", "kid", "male" or "female", etc. Mysteriously, one of the presents was labelled "single woman"... we were all curious about what was inside, but no one wanted to chose it in case it was a "how to find a husband" book or something! (It turns out it was a really nice necklace kit! We are still unsure why it could only be won by a single woman...) Another of the presents was labelled "female who likes jigsaw puzzles"... I wonder what was inside that one!? :P hehe

After lunch, I had another long sleep. I was finding it pretty tough, but I love Christmas, and I love seeing everyone so I was determined to try to be up for as much of it as possible! I eventually had to wake up and get ready to go to dad's family for Christmas dinner. I was sooooooooo tired! It was really hard to get up and get ready. Mum kept telling me to hurry up, but I had to put all my joint supports on because when I'm extra tired I tend to dislocate things more :S - it takes a long time to put those on, especially when I'm really tired - it takes a lot of energy as well! I wore my halo again! hehe

Christmas dinner was nice and relaxing, and I was pretty awake for most of it, which was awesome! (I love being awake enough to participate in conversation! I hate when I'm so tired that I have to keep concentrating on sitting up etc. and I miss out =() I showed everyone my photos on my iPad, and they really liked them! *blushes* 

By the end of the day, I was so full of awesome Christmas food that I couldn't have eaten another thing! We got back to my grandparents' house (where we were spending the night) pretty late, and I was very sore and tired and sick, but it had been a great day!!!

The next morning, we had to wake up early and pack and get ready for lunch with my cousins, before driving for more than three hours to my aunty's house (on the way back home to my house). My little cousin was coming back with us to stay until after new years =D. I took some pictures and videos on the drive back, after I woke up! lol (I slept for most of it! At one stage I woke myself up saying something in my sleep... lol a bit embarrassing!) 

Some pictures I took on the way home:
I've always wondered if there is a house hiding in there...
It was very hard having to stop at my aunty's house on the way home. I don't handle stairs at the best of times (mainly because of joint pain, instability, stiffness and fatigue), but after so much travelling and so much activity (and not sleeping well for a couple of nights because I was in pain and not in my own bed with my extra supportive pillows etc.) it was very hard to walk up the stairs at my aunty's house. Then I had to stand and stand and stand. There had been a petrol leak in the trailer that had to be seen to... I was like swaying and having to concentrate so hard on staying upright! I was in so much pain and dreading the walk back down the stairs, but trying to act normal and not pass out! Unfun! lol 

Eventually, the problem was fixed. I held onto my mum on the way down the stairs and was very glad to be sitting back in the car! After another 45 mins driving, we were finally home. Our cat was very glad to see us! I was very glad to see her as well! I checked that all of our pets were ok, took the turtles out for a quick swim, then went to bed! Exciting life I lead! lol 
Baby severum
Elle and Moke
I did wake up for dinner, although it was really hard getting up and walking out to the table and sitting :S I was hungry, though! I went to bed pretty much straight away after dinner. It was awesome to be back in my own comfortable bed with all of my extra pillows (and silence)! 

Today we are having a relaxing day - which is good because I don't think I would be capable of doing anything else! Right now, I am thinking of going to have a snooze! Christmas was awesome, though! It was totally worth the exhaustion, pain and sickness I am feeling afterwards =) 

~Adrielle =)