Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Wig of Doom!

I love Halloween - mostly because I like sweet foods and dressing up! Today, we went shopping and bought some things for this year's Halloween party - including some of my costume for this year =D I am going to be a cultist from Puzzle Pirates! In the costume aisle, I found a wig that I couldn't not buy... it is sexy, no? 
Yeah, no... LOL! It is pretty scary... although, it may be useful as a door handle warmer! 
Anyway, tomorrow and the next day I have a lot of baking and decorating to do! 

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some More Photos From Today!

Today was a bright and beautiful sunny spring day. We had a barbecue out the back =D. Here are some pictures that I took of the garden, and of some of my pets enjoying the sunshine:

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Cute Baby Magpie!

Yesterday, there was a little baby magpie on our front step! It was SO CUTE! It looked like a little ball of fluff with a beak! I took these pictures through my window:
 The baby stayed there all day! The adult birdie was bringing it food and taking away its poo (watch here!)  

Today, the baby bird spent the morning in the fork of a tree. (It is a noisy little thing!)

But now it is back on our steps! It seems to like it there =D I was watching it getting fed, and practicing flapping its little wings and jumping up and down the steps! Then it got tired and sat down, nestled on the brick garden edging behind our watering can. It looks like a little statue! I hope this baby grows into a strong happy healthy grown up birdie =D And I hope it stays around so I can watch it grow!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Orchid Show!

Today, I went to the local orchid show! There were lots of awesome plants...

Including one named after me!!! (Seriously! My dad named it after me!)

He named one after my mum and my sister too!

There was also some nice art at the show, including some by me!

My dad won lots of prizes, and I think I got a second prize for a photo that I took =D. I like being able to show off my art, photos and needlework to other people in real-life!

After looking at the orchid show, we went to the a factory discounts clothing and shoe shop. I found a witch shoe... lol! 

Lol - I didn't buy them! Instead, I got some sparkly slip-on runners =D 

I also got a skirt. I am keeping the docket, because stuff from that shop often falls apart (despite their harping on in their awful ads about how tough and good quality their clothing is :P). I did swear I would never buy anything else there last time - when I got a skirt that fell apart after one wear, but I am fickle. They were shiny. <.< 

Anyway, tonight I am tired and a bit jumpy - but awake - which is awesome! I am so glad that the new treatments I am on for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia are working! I feel like I am alive again! 

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