Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cute Baby Magpie!

Yesterday, there was a little baby magpie on our front step! It was SO CUTE! It looked like a little ball of fluff with a beak! I took these pictures through my window:
 The baby stayed there all day! The adult birdie was bringing it food and taking away its poo (watch here!)  

Today, the baby bird spent the morning in the fork of a tree. (It is a noisy little thing!)

But now it is back on our steps! It seems to like it there =D I was watching it getting fed, and practicing flapping its little wings and jumping up and down the steps! Then it got tired and sat down, nestled on the brick garden edging behind our watering can. It looks like a little statue! I hope this baby grows into a strong happy healthy grown up birdie =D And I hope it stays around so I can watch it grow!

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