Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Big Day Out!

Well, the new treatments that I am on for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia are really working! I am so happy! Yesterday, I was able to go out and walk to a waterfall with my crutches!!! It was AWESOME! =D I hadn't been able to walk more than a few meters for over a year - but now I can! Here are some pictures from my day out!

Lunch at the bakery:

We re-visited the structural S (I had to use my wheelchair for that bit LOL!):

We then visited the lolly shop (there is no way I could just go past that!), and then went to see the waterfalls. I used my new crutches to walk the short way down to the falls! I am so proud of myself, because it is the kind of walk that up until two weeks ago, I could never have done!!! The new crutches, + vitamin B12 and iron injections, + endone and endep, + salt tablets are really working!!! =D I took it slow and stopped for frequent rests (and had to crawl in some bits), but I made it!!!
Elle and I were crushed to see that our favourite bridge had been... well... crushed... by the recent floods!

I got very shaky and disoriented while we were there, and ended up stuck on a rock and missing a shoe. It was all part of the adventure! 

My disorientation also resulted in some interesting camera angles... I swear I was holding it straight! 

By the time we got back to the car, I was barely able to keep standing. It felt like I was still moving, even though I wasn't! Lol! I was very glad to climb into the car and fall asleep! 

Today I am having a rest day - not that I really have a choice... My body says so! LOL! I have been lying in bed and eating the spoils of the lolly shop visit, and cuddling my gorgeous baby, Moke! 

I started on dexamphetamines today - to hopefully help even more with my ME/CFS. I don't feel a huge difference - but I guess I am sort of sitting, and I am typing and not asleep despite overdoing it yesterday. Therefore I reckon they are probably working? LOL!

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