Monday, June 20, 2011

Specialist Visit in the City!

Well, this week, we had to go to the city again to see my rheumatologist. 
We went down there a few days early so that I would be able to rest before the appointment. We also got to see some of our family, which was awesome! 
They have really tall grass in the city... Hehe!

We got to the doctors early, and had to kill some time, so we went to McCafe! Of course, my FibroDuck was with me =)

I was really dreading my appointment with the rheumatologist, but it went okay. 
She was nice to me this time (and didn't call me fat!) She couldn't really tell us anything new, but she suggested some things that might help me to manage my symptoms, such as special joint supports, medications and pain management. She is going to write to my local doctor to recommend things that might help me. 

I have to have some more blood tests to look at whether my inflammatory markers stay high all the time, or whether they raise when I get an infection, and drop when I don't have an infection (and whether they ever drop to normal levels). The rheumatologist also mentioned genetic testing for Ehlers-Danlos, and was concerned about my wisdom teeth getting infected >.<. I am hoping that now the tooth is through the gum, it will be fine (like the tooth on the other side is). The thought of having it taken out is a little scary!

Anyway, after the appointment, we had to drive all the way home, which took around five hours. The road signs kept telling me to secure my load...
We broke the trip by buying ice-cream and chocolate! Hehe! It is nice to be home again, and all of our pets were very happy to see us!

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