Friday, April 27, 2012

My Factory Assignment: Adrielleum

Adrielleum is a fictional crystal/rock-like element that I invented for the purpose of my factory assignment. The design brief said that I needed to have 'something' going through the factory and being made or processed, altering as it went through each machine. With the prescribed machines being a crusher, conveyor belt and furnace, I thought about mineral processing plants - like the ones that smelt metal from rocks. Rocks, however, are relatively boring. Rainbow semi-transparent Adrielleum crystals, on the other hand, are awesome!  

Like rocks, Adrielleum is formed somewhere under the ground, where it is mined/dug up and broken into blocks for easy transport. The blocks are then taken to the AdriCorp processing plant (my factory), where it is cut, crushed, cooked until it is see-through/powered up, and then sent off for use in all kinds of industries and households. 
A cut half-block of Adrielleum

In its raw form, Adrielleum is pretty to look at, but has a sort of static-electricity-attracting and fragile structure - which means that it isn't overly useful. Once it has been processed, however, it becomes an amazing magical power-source - using the heat of the sun to power machinery via *unseen* forces. The AdriCorp factory itself is powered by Adrielleum - giving its Blinkies (robot workers who blink and wink a lot) and machines their power, without the inconvenience of wires, cords or chargers. 

Being recharged by sunlight and heat, Adrielleum is perfect for places with a warm climate, as after they have been through a furnace at the right temperature, they do not degrade. Also - they are rainbow. How awesome is that?!

~Adrielle =)