Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 1 of Our Holiday!

Well, Kecapmanis, Ellenya and I are away on holiday. Before we left, we had to teach Jollyrob how to feed the turtles (cut up and thaw their food), and how to bath them and put their ointment on (he had never even touched a baby turtle before!) He also had to learn how to hand feed my axolotls (who eat live food >.<), feed the canaries and clean their house, feed the tropical fish (who eat three separate kinds of food, one of which is blood worms that have to be thawed), and feed the horrible little fish in the turtle tank. He already knew how to feed the cat, and she would never let him forget... Meeow!

Moke didn't want us to pack and leave... she tried to stop us from packing by sitting (and snoozing) in the suitcase... Poor baby! I miss her so much already =( No cattie cuddles this morning - just an abusive neighbour screaming next door... scary!

We arrived at our destination yesterday afternoon. It was pretty hard getting up at 4:30am to leave (especially with ME/CFS). Our bus left at 6am, and reached the train station at 8:30am. I was very glad that we packed my wheelchair coz it was a long walk to the train platform! Luckily, we had 25 minutes before the train left - enough time to get to the platform, and to get some nice hot chocolate and cookies from the station cafe =D. I had packed lollies to eat as well - so I could feast on the train (no eating on the bus =(). Kecap said we could only have one packet of lollies each... So I chose the bag pictured! hehe 

When we got to Southern Cross station, we had Hungry Jacks for lunch, before stopping at the Sugar Station lolly shop. Ellenya bought horrible giant gobstoppers which she convinced me to try... I will let her tell that story though! lol! She is now singing "Say A Little Prayer" with a gobstopper in her mouth... Almost as scary as the neighbour yelling this morning!

Anyway, after one last train ride and a taxi ride, we finally reached our destination :) It was after 1pm. I was exhausted and slept a lot! I did get to meet my new baby cousin though! He is gorgeous =D. Today I could barely wake up! I have had a shower now though =). (Ellenya is now singing "I Still Call Australia Home" with the gobstopper in her mouth... Apparently it is hurting her cheek... I WONDER WHY! lol!)

This morning I took a picture of Elle's side of the room, and my side of the room... Can you spot the difference? Lol!
Well, Ellenya is still singing... And it is rather concerning, so I will hurry up and finish writing... lol! I drew some pictures this morning - basically just my name and Elle's name written in rainbow pen. I was inspired by the graffiti near the train line lol!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring... And if I will survive Elle making farting noises and laughing at them... Save me!

~Adrielle =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Today was a pretty good day, but now I am poor (financially speaking!) Lol! Kecapmanis, Ellenya and I went shopping in the morning (after buying and having fun furnishing our new crew hall on Swampfen Island on Viridian in Y!PP). I got some new sparkly lip gloss, lollies and a sock knitting kit (Ellenya is going to make it for me if my hands are too tired to let me knit =D). I also tried to get another sparkly mouse today (in case the one I am using now one breaks), but they didn't have any! I dont know what I will do when this one is no more if I can't find another one! It is just so ultra sensitive/good for drawing (and it is covered in pink and white diamontes)!

When we got home from shopping, I slept for hours, then woke up and pre-ordered an iPad. Lol! Apparently there is a glut of orders, though, so it might be a while before I get it. They just look so cool - and it's not like I have energy to do anything much other than sit and fiddle around with technology! I can't believe how awesome Apple are to deal with compared to other companies I have had to ring. Their warranties actually mean something, too - Elle had iPods replaced twice when it had faults - both times they responded really fast, and both times she got a brand new one!

In other news, the poor baby turtles are still not allowed to get wet - and they are still hating it. They won't eat properly =( The vet says they won't starve in the short term, and that getting rid of the infection in their skin and shells is more important at the moment - so I hope they will be ok.

Anyway, I added some new pictures to my gallery on Deviant Art yesterday. I took them after our BBQ =D.

~Adrielle =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Knitting, Epiphanies & Stamps - Oh My!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty dead (ME/CFS is such a pain in the bum). I had a yoghurt for breakfast because I was too tired to make anything else, lol! Mum went out to her "Biggest Morning Tea" lunch, and Ellenya (my sister) and I were bored at home. Glancing around for something un-energetic, yet entertaining to occupy us, we decided to knit. Logical - what else was there to do? lol! We already sort of knew how to knit, but not how to cast on - so we headed off to trusty Google and found some "How to cast on" videos from YouTube!

After a short amount of time spent trying to follow the instructions, I got confused and decided to finger-knit instead. I made Ellenya and I each a bracelet! Ellenya persevered, cast on and began to knit. She cast mine on too so I could knit if I wanted to  - only my hands were so tired and sore I have only managed to do two rows so far. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do some more! I am knitting with rainbow wool, which is my favourite colour!

Anyway, our four-month-old turtles (Shelley and Franklin) are in "hospital" at the moment, because they are not allowed to get wet (which they hate!) They have "superficial shell rot", and need to be kept as dry as possible for the next week (at least). They also have to have ointment on their shells... Ellenya has to try to rub it on while they squirm and keep putting their hands in it and getting it all over themselves and her! They are so cute! I love them so much!

I also emailed a vet about my Artemis today (she is an axolotl) - she has what I think is a scar or a birthmark - but I wanted to just send a picture and check that there isn't something I should be doing. She isn't worried by it, but I just wanted to be sure I shouldn't be taking her to a vet or doing something about it. I love her! And her tankmate, Almond.

Today I also found a ME/CFS support group in my area that I want to join. I emailed to ask how. I have never been part of a support group before - even though I have had ME/CFS for almost six years. I am kinda nervous about going, but I would like to meet some other people who are truly sympathetic and understand what ME/CFS is and what it does to you, your family and your life. The support groups, chat rooms, forums etc. I go to online have all been great - so I hope this is too!

Lastly, I made a stamp for Deviant Art today. I have never made one before! lol =D I love that site! Everyone sharing awesome art! It is so inspiring =D =D =D Wonder why I didn't find it sooner... lol!

~Adrielle =)