Monday, October 27, 2014

An Aphid Atop An Arm!

The other day, when I was outside with my turtles and cats, an aphid was crawling on my arm. I took some pictures of it!

~Adrielle =)

Turtles and Cats in the Sunshine!

The other day, I finally felt well enough to go outside with my turtles and cats! It was a warm day. The turtles had fun exploring the garden and sitting in the sun. The cats weren't keen on getting too close to the turtles - but they were very curious about them!

Here are some of the photos I took that day =D.

Lily kitten and Shelley turtle watching each other on the path! 
Shelley turtle! 
Shelley again!
The cats, Jasper and Lily - watching the turtles from a safe distance... 
Franklin turtle, looking in the door! 
Franklin climbing along the ledge near the door. 
Jasper moving away because Frankie was getting a little bit too close! 
After a while, the cats decided that they would go inside - through the broken screen door... The turtles watched and realized that they could come in through the screen door, too!

Franklin climbing in through the screen door (possibly being called by Shelley!)
Franklin kind of landing on Shelley as he comes through the door!
Jasper - edging towards the door to escape the turtle invasion! 
Once the turtles were inside, the cats went back out to play in the garden =).

Lily playing with a palmy ferny thing!
Jasper on the path!
I love my pets!!!

~Adrielle =)

Springtime Garden 2!

Here are even more pictures of our garden in spring =). I love the warmer weather and the colour of this time of year!

 ~Adrielle =)

Springtime Garden 1!

Here are some more pictures of our garden in spring =). Everything has burst into flower, and the smell is divine!

The birds and insects seem to like this time of year as well! 

~Adrielle =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Presents from Europe!

My nana recently went to Europe, and she brought me home two presents! The first is made from pieces of sea shells (shiva and abalone) inlaid to create a shell-shaped pendant. It is on necklace of little black beads, and has an abalone button as the clasp. The second is made from multi-coloured glass, and is hanging from a black cord =). I was very happy to get them! I am also very happy that my nana is home again - I had missed her! 

My presents! 

~Ad =)

Orchid Show Planning!

The local orchid show is on later this month. In past years, I have entered artwork, craft, needlework and photography into the show - and I have even won some certificates! I'm still not sure whether or not I will get anything together in time for this years' show, though. 

Anyway, the local paper and show publicists were looking for a "younger face" to try to entice younger people to come along to the show. Somehow (while I was asleep), it was decided that I would be that face - LOL!

Because I have been so unwell lately, the day of the photo was the first day I had worn actual clothes (that weren't pajamas) in ages! I went to a bit of effort to look nice. Sadly, I just seem to be one of those people who unintentionally (or intentionally) pulls peculiar faces whenever there is a camera around...

However, the photographer from the paper was really good at his job, and managed to get a decent picture of me =). 

My pic from the Border Mail. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN.
After getting my photo taken, I went out for lunch with Kec and Ellenya. The apple pie dessert was amazing!!! It even hard shards of pecan toffee on top! 

My dessert!
All in all, it was a pretty awesome day! 

~Adrielle =) 

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is my favourite time of year! It brings the nice weather, flowers, families of birds, and insects (and my birthday) - and it has finally arrived again! 

I haven't been very well of late, so haven't managed to take many pictures of our garden so far, but here are some quick photos of our cherry tree (and our sweet little cats - Lily and Jasper):

Jasper climbing the tree

Lily under the trailer
I love this time of year - and I think Jasper and Lily do, too! 

~Adrielle =)