Sunday, August 28, 2016

Eye Liner Pencil Holder!

I have amassed quite a collection of eye liner pencils in every colour of the rainbow - and more! Some are metallic, some are matte, some are glittery... and all are awesome! I've collected so many, that I needed somewhere to store them. So, a couple of weeks ago - I decided to create a pretty eye liner pencil holder!

I found a cardboard tube chocolate box with a lid. It was the perfect size for storing my eye liner pencils!

I used Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme special effects paints (discussed in my last blog post) to decorate the cardboard tube and lid!

I splashed, splattered, dripped, sponged, painted and drizzled the paint over the cardboard - mixing the paints to create pretty patterns and effects!

After a few coats, my masterpiece was complete!

Now my eye liner pencils are neatly stored away in a unique pretty box!

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme & Fantasy Moon Experiments!

Hi again! 

After several months of being laid up in bed with a major flare of illness, I am now feeling much better - and I have been experimenting!

For this round of experiments, I have been using Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Pebeo Fantasy Prisme special effects paints. These paints can be hard to get if you live in Australia (as I do) - I purchased mine from Over the Rainbow (and I highly recommend this shop!). 

Pebeo's Discovery Sets give you a set of 6 colours to play with - so you can get a feel for the paints. I purchased a Fantasy Moon Discovery Set and a Fantasy Prisme Discovery Set - and I have been having lots of fun seeing the effects I can create by mixing and overlaying them! 

Pebeo Fantasy paints can be used on a variety of surfaces. So far, I have been using them on canvas boards, cardboard, metal and wood - all with great results! 

The base of a wooden box!
A painted cardboard tube! 
I have been pouring, dripping, eye-droppering, splattering, splashing and painting it onto surfaces! It is A LOT of fun! 

Clean-up can be a bit of a hassle - but I have a stockpile of cheap paintbrushes, toothpicks and disposable eyedroppers that I have been using to apply the paint - and nail polish remover seems to get it off most surfaces (including our leather couch, plastic tablecloth, and my hands!).   

I really love this paint and the effects that I can easily create with it. I look forward to using it again and again - and I plan to collect more colours (and bigger pots)!

~AmazinAdrielle =)