Sunday, August 28, 2016

Eye Liner Pencil Holder!

I have amassed quite a collection of eye liner pencils in every colour of the rainbow - and more! Some are metallic, some are matte, some are glittery... and all are awesome! I've collected so many, that I needed somewhere to store them. So, a couple of weeks ago - I decided to create a pretty eye liner pencil holder!

I found a cardboard tube chocolate box with a lid. It was the perfect size for storing my eye liner pencils!

I used Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme special effects paints (discussed in my last blog post) to decorate the cardboard tube and lid!

I splashed, splattered, dripped, sponged, painted and drizzled the paint over the cardboard - mixing the paints to create pretty patterns and effects!

After a few coats, my masterpiece was complete!

Now my eye liner pencils are neatly stored away in a unique pretty box!

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