Saturday, April 12, 2014

All About AmazinAdrielle - O!

After brainstorming some things relating to my life, I have created this lovely alphabet about me - so you can get to know me a little better! You can also find more information about me on my website =). 


O is for...

Oliver Twist - I love the book and the musical, Oliver! =D.

Oddworld - I've loved the first two Oddworld games since I was a kid! (Although, I was sadly disappointed with Munch - it just was not the same at all!). I am very proud that the folks from Oddworld asked to feature my Scrab drawing in their fan art gallery =D. Getting tweets from Abe and Alf was A-MAZ-ING! =D

Octopi - Over the seven years that I played Puzzle Pirates, I made a lot of octopus-themed artwork. I like octopi - they are really cute! My Puzzle Pirates art can be seen here.



Orchids- I am the child of an award-winning orchid grower - and my house is surrounded by orchids! I was too unwell to attend the local show this year, but I usually go and take pictures of the pretty flowers =). I also used to make orchid themed art and craft, and I like to draw flowers, too!

Osteoarthritis - I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis (from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) in my hips, right knee and right foot after a full body bone scan when I was 24 years old. Two years later, an MRI scan of my left hand, wrist and elbow showed that by then, I also had it in my left thumb.

Ornaments - I collect ornaments and pretty things =D. I have collected them pretty much my whole life, and each one acts as a trigger for a memory (such as of the person who I was with when I got it, or the person who gave it to me, etc.) I love my collection!


The next installment in this alphabet will be coming soon! 

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