Friday, November 4, 2016

My Mosaic Chest of Drawers - Part 5!

So, I finally finished decorating my miniature chest of drawers this month! Here is the final of five blog posts outlining the fun and creative journey that led me to the final product =).

My finished chest! 


When all of the painting was finished and dry, I gave the mosaic areas a final clean and polish - and my miniature chest of drawers was finally complete! 

Here are some pictures of the final product, starting with the painted back and base:

The design on the base of my chest of drawers began as a kind of
accidental paint spillage situation... but evolved into something wonderful! 

The inside of the cavity where the drawers sit is also painted:

Drizzly shiny awesomeness!

Each of the three drawers features some black mosaic tiles on the inside, with a painted drawer bottom, outsides and base. The front of the drawers feature mosaic designs that fit together to create a garden scene on the front of the chest:

The mosaic designs on the front of the drawers fit together to create a garden scene! 

A paint design on one of the drawers =).

The drawers in the finished chest =).

The garden-themed mosaics on each side of my chest of drawers feature flowers, butterflies, birds, greenery and sky:

 The final part - and my personal favourite - is the rainbow sky mosaic design on the top of the chest:

I am really happy with the way that my miniature chest of drawers turned out - and I had a lot of fun decorating it! I actually miss working on it now that it is complete! I will have to look for a new project to embark on... It is my birthday in less than a week - maybe I will get another gift to decorate in the coming year!

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