Friday, November 4, 2016

My Mosaic Chest of Drawers - Part 1!

So, I finally finished decorating my miniature chest of drawers this month! Here is the first of five blog posts outlining the fun and creative journey that led me to the final product =).

My finished chest! 


For my 30th birthday last November, my beautiful sister Ellenya gave me a wooden miniature chest of drawers to decorate! I knew immediately that I wanted to use paint and mosaic to decorate the chest - and I have been slowly working on it throughout this year =).

I started with a rough plan of what I wanted to with the mosaic. I wanted the sides of the chest of drawers to resemble a garden - with the top of the chest to represent the sky above the garden. My design would include flowers, plants, insects, birds, and a rainbow on the top!

The rough plan for my mosaic design. 

I had collected a lot of different coloured glass pieces, and some special little ceramic tiles - which I thought would be perfect to use for this project!

My box of glass bits and pieces for mosaic making!

I had also collected some handy mosaic tools over the years - like my glass cutter, grouting tools, and a smasher/breaker tool - so I was ready to go!

My cutter tool with some cut glass pieces!

To begin, I sketched a rough design (based on my plan) onto the bare wooden chest in pencil - to use as a guide when I was gluing the tiles down. I started with the top of the chest, cutting some red glass tiles into three, lengthwise.

Some cut glass - ready to be glued on to create the red part of the rainbow!

Before long, I was ready to start gluing!


For the next stage in this project, see the the next blog post in this series: My Mosaic Chest of Drawers - Part 2! =).


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