Friday, November 4, 2016

My Mosaic Chest of Drawers - Part 2!

So, I finally finished decorating my miniature chest of drawers this month! Here is the second of five blog posts outlining the fun and creative journey that led me to the final product =).

My finished chest! 


After I had cut enough glass pieces to size, it was time to start gluing them onto my chest of drawers! The glue I used for this project was Modge Podge. It works well, is easy to clean up, and dries clear (which is good when it gets onto places you don't want glue to be seen!) I used a disposable plastic picnic knife to apply the glue (as I don't like washing brushes!).

Modge Podge - Ready for Gluing!

I started by gluing the main parts of the design onto my chest of drawers - then filling in the background, cutting more glass pieces as I needed them. I tried to leave at least a 3mm gap between the pieces (for the grout to fit into). I find it really relaxing and fun sticking the little pieces onto a mosaic! It is like a puzzle - finding the best place for each little piece to fit =).

The pictures below show how my mosaic progressed, from sticking on the main parts:

To filling in the background:

When all of the background was filled in, and the glue was completely dry, it was time to start grouting!


For the next stage in this project, see the the next blog post in this series: My Mosaic Chest of Drawers - Part 3! =).


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