Friday, November 4, 2016

My Mosaic Chest of Drawers - Part 4!

So, I finally finished decorating my miniature chest of drawers this month! Here is the fourth of five blog posts outlining the fun and creative journey that led me to the final product =).

My finished chest! 


After all of the grouting was done and dry, I moved on to the painting stage! I wanted to give the un-mosaic'ed surfaces of the chest a pretty finish! I started by giving the exposed wooden areas a coat of white paint. 

The side of my chest of drawers - with white paint.

Then I decorated the surfaces with Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme special effects paints! The pictures below show how I gradually built up the marbly splattery layers of paint to create the finished effect:

These paints are cool in that they look textured - but the finish is quite smooth and glossy. 


For the next stage in this project, see the the next blog post in this series: My Mosaic Chest of Drawers - Part 5! =).


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