Saturday, October 29, 2016


Spring has well and truly sprung in our backyard this week, so I went for a little walk around with my two cats, Jasper and Lily - to see the garden. Here are some photos!

A coiled frond growing on the tree fern near our back door.

Jasper cat - rubbing around my legs and being all sweet!

Jasper cat likes neck rubs and sunshine.

Lily cat admiring the trimming that has been going on around the yard. 

A pink flower in our back garden. 

Our back garden - near the kitchen window. 

We saw a butterfly on the shade mesh. 

It seemed to be enjoying the sunshine too!

This little plant was growing in the cracks between some pavers.

The butterfly from underneath =). So pretty!

Jasper lying on the pavers. 

Lily lying on the pavers. 

The lily flower that is growing near our back door. 
I love being able to walk around our backyard again after being too unwell for a few months. It is awesome to be outside under the sky and with so many things to see and smell and touch around me! My cats love it when I go outside with them, too! They always walk around with me =D.

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