Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Room's Christmas Decorations!

On the first of December, Mum and Ellenya decorated my room for Christmas!!! I have collected a lot of pretty decorations over the years, and it makes me really happy to see them each year at Christmas time!

Here are some pictures of my decorations:

Even my door handle has jingle bells! 

My chest of drawers - with its bell wreath and mini tree!
The mini tree even has little battery-operated lights -
but they were switched off when I took the picture.

The top of my chest of drawers!
My mum made the bear angel on the top of the
tree for me a few years ago =)

The top of my chest of drawers!
My friend from school gave me the tree candle
when I was about 14 - I have always kept it!

The area at the foot of my bed - so my main view =).
I love lying in bed and looking at all the shiny decorations! 

The mosaic star I made, and a tree made of bells that
has a secret hiding place inside for toffees!

Decorations on the top of my tall cupboard =). 

My cupboard door handles!

My bell tree!

A nutcracker =).

More decorations!

My curtain area! It is very very decorated =D.

My curtain rod with tinsel, glass baubles,
and other decorations! 
Some pretty colourful tinsel on the shelf above my head!
It was a gift from mum this year - because she knows
I love rainbowy colours!

My key windchime is decorated, too! 

Window stickers on my wardrobe mirror doors =). 

I love that when I am lying in bed, I can see pretty shiny decorations all around me =). I am really grateful that my family decorated my room for me!

~Adrielle =)