Thursday, February 26, 2015

Health Update - Women's Issues

So, most people that know me are aware that I've been having a very difficult year so far with pain, fatigue and depression. On top of all of this, I've been experiencing some new symptoms of late... (If you don't want to know about periods and women's health issues, you might want to stop reading here!)


Anyway, to jump straight to the point, I had my period for three weeks solid - and then kept spotting for another week and a bit after that. This is definitely not normal for me! (I'm on 'the pill' to stop migraines and keep my acne at bay - so it seems especially strange). I kept hoping that the bleeding would stop, but NOPE! Every time I thought the spotting had gone away, I would get a fresh round of period pain, and it would return again.

Apart from the inconvenience of constantly bleeding and having period pain (and the consequences of all that bleeding on my iron deficiency), I became quite concerned. I'd had a normal Pap smear in December, so that made me feel a bit better, but I was still worried. Bleeding for a month really isn't normal...

I went to see a lovely doctor, and she thinks that I could have a bacterial infection. I am now on tablets to stop the bleeding so that I can have some other tests done in a week's time.

Now all I can do is wait!

So, I ended up having a painful period that lasted for six weeks...

After what felt like a billion tests, the doctors still cannot find the cause of my abnormal bleeding - and it now seems to have stopped (with the help of hormone pills). Luckily, the test results have ruled out most of the scarier possible causes (like tumours and growths). Therefore, at this stage all that the doctors can do is wait and see - and refer me to a specialist for even more invasive tests if the bleeding starts up again (to check for things like surface abnormalities, endometriosis, etc.)

I am really hoping that the bleeding won't start up again, and that my problems were just caused by some kind of transient hiccup that will resolve itself. However, I am still getting abdominal pain from time to time, which doesn't seem like a good sign.

Anyway - for now, the news is good! =)

In other health news, I had a cardiologist appointment this week. Apart from having an even faster heart rate than usual (possibly due to a viral infection on top of POTS and SVT), everything was fine! Now, I just need to have my five-yearly full bone scan to check the progression of my degenerative joint disease (which is caused by EDS), and then I'm (hopefully) done with tests for the next nine months or so! *crosses fingers*

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