Friday, January 2, 2015

More Christmas Art & Craft!

I hope everyone had a very very merry Christmas, and enjoyed their new year's celebrations - I know I did! I'm a little behind with blogging, but here is an update on some more of the Christmas art and craft that I made during December 2014 (in addition to the things that I posted earlier)!

Christmas Cards!

My hands were not being overly co-operative on the day that I made my Christmas cards, so I used various kinds of cardboard and paper stock, textas, stickers, glue, festive sticky tapes, and other easy-to-stick-on things I found in my craft box to make them. I'm happy with the way they turned out!

Unfortunately (as is the case most years), I wasn't able to leave the house much during December, and my cards were posted late :( (sorry!) I am glad I got some made and posted this year, though!

Cross-stitched Decorations! 

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen a lot of in-progress and finished pictures of the mini-cross-stitches I was doing over December! I managed to get four completed in total this year - and I am very proud of that! (Sadly, I forgot to grab a photo of the fourth one - which was for my mother - before it was packed away - but it was a Christmas fairy =D).

I kept this one for myself. I kind of fell in love with the cuteness of it!
An elf, a box and a cat - for my sister! 
A snow man to go on our family Christmas tree! 

Festive Fashion!

It has become a bit of a tradition in our family to wear a Christmassy hat (or even a whole outfit) to Carols by Candlelight, Christmas day lunch, and any other Christmas gatherings we might attend. This year, my mum made me an elf skirt, and I decorated some shoes and made a bracelet and a wreath/laurel hat to go with it! 

My shoes (complete with beaded ankle bracelets)! I decorated these on Christmas eve while my lovely mum was sewing a skirt for me =)
My bead and jingle bell bracelet!
My laurel hat! I made this before Carols by Candlelight! 
I also decorated my wheelchair with lights and tinsel again this year! I love the way that people smile and comment about my decorated wheelchair wherever I go - everyone seems to like it! It's an awesome feeling to have made other people happy! 

My decorated wheelchair! The lights are star-shaped and battery-operated =)
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