Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2!

In addition to decorating everything and making festive art and craft, in the lead up to Christmas, my family also make festive food! This year, we made a Christmas cake (using the recipe we always use), a pavlova for Christmas day's dessert, an ice-cream plum pudding (my aunty's recipe), and some white Christmas! My mum also made a Christmas lolly tree!

Fruit and spices for the ice-cream plum pudding!
Ice-cream plum pudding mixture!
White Christmas mixture!
Pavlova mixture!
Lolly tree!
A piece of ice-cream plum pudding! 
Having a chocolate advent calendar is also a December tradition for me!

One of our other traditions is that we usually go to Carols by Candlelight each year (unless I am not well enough). This year, it was amazingly awesome! I am so glad I was able to go!

(My family also also usually go to the local Orchid Club's Christmas party together, but this year, I was not well enough to go to that.)


Christmas eve is the day that my family exchange gifts. The tradition started when we had to go out early on Christmas day when I was younger, and it was hard to give out presents while trying to get ready to go - but the tradition has remained. It is nice to have presents a little bit early!

A Christmas ice pack for a Christmas eve dislocation! 
A bracelet from Ellenya!
Earrings from my parents (to match my birthday necklace)!
More earrings from my parents!
My present for Ellenya!
Another present for Ellenya!
One of my presents!
Some of the presents I received! 
A bracelet from my parents!
Our cats seemed to like their present, too! It was a cardboard box with ribbons and bows stuck onto it - and with toys inside! 

After exchanging gifts, we spent Christmas eve afternoon making festive outfits to wear on Christmas day!
Jasper and Lily helped!
The skirt my mum made for me!
My decorated shoe!
My bracelet!
We spent Christmas day at my grandmother's house with lots of family, and lots of awesome food! I ended up asleep for several hours in my nana's bed, but enjoyed lunch and tea!

My arm had glitter tattoos!
Morning tea!
More morning tea!
My anklet!
My nana's Christmas tree! 
Anyway, I had a fantastic Christmas - I hope everyone else did too!

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