Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 1!

Christmas has always been an amazingly awesome and happy time in my family! No matter what has happened throughout the year, and no matter what else changes as the years go by - Christmas is a time when everything is decorated, there is amazing food, music, singing, and everyone is happy and together!


For my family, Christmas is a month-long celebration. We usually put up our Christmas decorations on the weekend before December 1st, or around then. We have accumulated lots of special decorations over the years, from 1980 - when my parents were married, to the present day.

Lily helping us to put up the Christmas tree! 
Some decorations on our tree!
I was putting decorations on the bottom because I needed to sit on the floor. 
Lily liked the decorations near the bottom of the tree... 
She chewed the branches, too! 
Our tree!
Our tree again! 
As well as decorating the main rooms of the house, we also decorate all of the other rooms. (We even have Christmas soap dispensers in the bathrooms!) Below are some pictures of the decorations in my bedroom!

The shelf above my bed, and the bed head was decorated, and I had a mini tree!
Lily helped my sister and I to decorate my room!
The wardrobe door - with window stickers and battery-operated lights!
My bed head and the shelf above my bed were decorated!
Window stickers on my wardrobe doors!
Decorations on my drawers! 
Decorated drawers!
Bells hanging from my curtain rod near the window! (The kittens liked these!)
The curtain rod above my window!
Some ornaments!
Bows and bells below my shelves!
My mum, sister and I also make festive craft in the lead up to Christmas. This year, we made decorations, hats, skirts, shoes, beaded bracelets and anklets!

A Christmas star mosaic!
You can read more about our crafty Christmas creations here and here =). 

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