Saturday, November 1, 2014


My family had a spooky barbecue for Halloween this year! It was awesome! We dressed up in spooky costumes... 

Me getting dressed up!
With my cat headband!
...then we all relaxed and ate barbecue and salads in the backyard...

...with spooky decorations!

An LED light-up spider!
A black cat decoration!
Mum got a special outdoor day-bed thingy for me to lie on - so that I can go outside with the family when I'm not feeling well enough to sit up. It is really good! I was so grateful to have it for Halloween!

Lily kitten came to join in with the festivities - but Jasper kitten stayed asleep on my bed inside.

Lily likes the day-bed too!

After dinner, we all came inside to have dessert, and to watch some spooky movies on tv!

Severed fingers!
Chocolate mousse graveyard dirt!
A chocolate ghost!
Halloween lollies!
Severed fingers!
Eyeballs made from marshmallows, smarties and icing!
Our haunted gingerbread house!
Our Halloween lolly jar!
Me being scary!

It was a good night =D. I'm really glad that I come from a family that will make allowances for me being sick, so that I can be included in celebrations like this one!

Evil laugh!!!! 
~Adrielle =)