Thursday, November 27, 2014

Belated Birthday Blog!

The 8th of November 2014 was my 29th birthday - and it was AwEsOmE! It was also my twin cousins' birthday - so we had a joint party lunch at my house (so I could go)! Here are some snapshots of how the day unfolded =).

Everyone was coming over for morning tea and lunch, so I was up and dressed early! I got some awesome presents! Here are some pictures of a few:

A diamond and citrine necklace from @Ellenya!
A sapphire and diamond necklace from mum and dad! 
An elephant bracelet from my nanna! 
I got lots of chocolates, scented candles, iTunes credit, and other goodies, too!
I wore the sapphire necklace that mum and dad gave me as a birthday present, and had a pink and white nail art design for the day!

My necklace!
My birthday nail art design!
My family decorated the house for our party lunch! There were balloons and hanging decorations, and paper flowers made by @Ellenya!

Balloons in my room!
Hanging decorations! The pineapple is my favourite!
The food table!
More balloons!
Me with my beloved pineapple!
The birthday girls and boys got special badges to wear at lunch!

My badge!
Lunch was mainly finger food - but I have to cut mine into bits to eat it because of my jaw problems. It was really nice, though!

Sausages in pastry!
Spring rolls!
More food!
Even more food! 
My lunch cake was a strawberry torte, and the twins had twin ice cream cakes! Both were awesome!

My cake at lunch! 
Ice cream cakes!
My slice of ice cream cake!
After lunch, I was getting way too tired and sick, so I had to go and lie down in bed. The day had been amazing, though! 

Me resting! 
After a long snooze, it was time for dinner. We had Taco Bill delivered - and my second cake for dessert! The  cake was a continental Riverina cheesecake - which is my favourite kind of cheesecake (I don't actually like many other kinds of cheesecake at all).

My cake!
A slice of cake!
Anyway - I had the best birthday I can remember having in a long time - and it was awesome! I am so grateful to everyone who came to visit me, and to everyone who sent me messages online!!! Thank you!
Lily kitten!
~Adrielle =)