Monday, July 28, 2014

Lily and Jasper - Our Kittens!

Around a month ago, our family adopted two lovely little kittens. They were around ten weeks old when we met them - and they are VERY CUTE!

Our kittens!
Our little boy kitten is named Jasper, and is black with silvery grey. He has almost tiger-like stripes on his face and back - but his belly has black spots - almost like a leopard! He loves to cuddle, and to roll around on his back. He is a sweetie pie!

Jasper kitten!
Jasper asleep on my dad!
Jasper's spotty belly!
Jasper's silvery grey and black head! 
Our little girl kitten is named Lily, and is white with black and tan markings. She has a white diamond-like shape among the black spots on her back! Lily is lightening fast, and likes to steal paper and wrappers! She is a princess!

Lily kitten!
Lily on my lap!
The cute Lily face!
Lily with her diamond on her back!
Both of our kittens have lovely personalities! They are so purry, and they love cuddles and attention. They also love cardboard boxes, plastic lids and ripping up paper, and they are so cute when they play together! Below is a video of Lily and Jasper playing iPad games for cats!

 It is amazing how fast they are growing! We love them!

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