Wednesday, June 4, 2014

All About AmazinAdrielle - T-V!

After brainstorming some things relating to my life, I have created this lovely alphabet about me - so you can get to know me a little better! You can also find more information about me on my website =). 


T is for...

Tightwire - I used to be a tightwire walker as a teenager. I could even hula hoop and juggle on the wire - it was fun! I also used to love doing handsprings and things on the big circus trampoline (and my own little trampoline - but it was a bit of a squish to fit!)


Turtles - Ellenya and I have two amazingly awesome three-year-old emydura macquarii macquarii turtles named Franklin and Shelley =D. We adopted them as tiny hatchlings - and it was love at first sight!!! ♥

Twitter - I have many wonderfully talented and supportive friends on Twitter! I also used to post pictures to Twitpic.

Traditional art - When I was younger, I made a lot of traditional art, but as my Ehlers Danlos symptoms got worse, it became more difficult for me to do this. I now mainly make digital art =D.

Trinkets - I used to design winning trinkets for the Puzzle Pirates game =).

I am also allergic to thrips, I like drinking tea (especially chai or earl grey), and I would love to travel some day.

U is for...

University - I did my Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree at La Trobe University!

V is for...

Victoria - The state where I live =D.

Volunteering - I have always liked to help out and to volunteer. Whether it was putting on shows at fetes and other local events, singing, teaching circus skills to other people, or sorting clothing donations for St. Vinnies, I loved being involved. When my illness became too severe for me to do these kinds of things, I began to volunteer online. I have mostly done work for various charities, gaming communities and artistic projects. (If you would like me to help out with anything - let me know!)


The next installment in this alphabet will be coming soon! 

~Ad =)