Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Day =)

Today, Kecap, who usually cares for me, went out for the whole day. This meant that Dad was caring for me. Here is how our day went =D

I woke up reasonably early to lovely cattie cuddles =D (definately the nicest way to start the day!) Kec and Elle had gone to the city for the day, and Dad was out, so I was the only human member of the family at home. I got up and fed Franklin and Shelley their breakfast, then had a shower - which exhausted me enough that I had to go back to bed again! Later, Dad woke me for breakfast =)

Dad watered the garden while I did some Yppedia building updates until it had warmed up outside, then I took Franklin and Shelley outside to play in the sun. Moke did not join us... 

Some pictures of Franklin and Shelley enjoying the sunshine =D

While we were outside, a noisy plane flew over and scared poor Franklin! He panicked =( I grabbed him and tried to calm him down - and he accidentally scratched me because he was panicking. 

I managed to calm him down by letting him hide his head in my hand while he hid between my feet under my chair. I patted his little neck and told him it was okay - but he was SURE it WASN'T okay!!! Poor little Franklin! Soon he was back out exploring, though =D

Meanwhile, Shelley was smooshing the poor little flowers that tried to grow on the edge of her path... 

After their play outside, the turtleys were tired, and had a snooze in their tank, while I had a lie down in bed with a chai latte that Dad made me (awesome!!!) - and with Moke, who hadn't moved. Dad made toasted sandwiches and tea for lunch, and then I had a sleep until it was time to feed the animals. 

When we were feeding the fish, I noticed that one of my poor sharkies had taken a chunk out of his face! He looked fine this morning, so I am not sure what he crashed into. Poor little guy! I panicked when I first saw it, but he ate his dinner happily and was swimming around all normal - so I think it is just a superficial scrape. I love my sharkies! I hope it heals fast. 

After feeding all of the fishes, Moke, the turtles, and my axolotl, Dad and I had steak and salad for tea, cooked by Dad. It was awesome =D. He is a good carer! Then I had some more cattie cuddles! 

~Ad =)