Friday, September 23, 2011

Experiments in Watercolor

Over the last few days, I have been experimenting with watercolor pencils and water soluble oil pastels. I am looking to get some better pencils - as the ones I have were discount-brand, and don't seem to behave the way they should! Anyway, here are some of my experiments:
The pastels I have been using =D I bought them online and they arrived a few days ago! They are very soft and easy to work with - and unlike normal oil pastels, they are very easy to wipe off my hands and don't make nearly as much mess as normal ones do!!!
Experiment 1 - an orchid =) I drew it in pastel, then painted over the picture with water.

Experiment 2 - some flowers =D Once again, I drew them in pastel, then painted over the picture in water. To finish up, I redrew the swirls in the centers of the flowers with pastel while the paper was still wet.
My attempts at some online tutorials I found at

And lastly, some playing!
Oh, and the conclusion to my experiment - I need some better paper that doesn't sort of disintegrate and get those nasty little balls on it when it gets wet! LOL! 

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