Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stitching Projects - Part 2

The second stitching project I completed while I was stuck in bed sick was my first ever blackwork sampler!

My first blackwork sampler!
Back in April, I began to study blackwork stitching. I found some patterns and guides in books and online, so I started with those! Once I was feeling more confident, I started to create my own patterns and stitch designs, too! I kept stitching until the piece of aida was completely filled up!

As I wanted the finished sampler to represent me, I tried to include as many of the things that I like as would possibly fit! I ended up succeeding - with insects and animals, plants and flowers, my pets, family, love, games and more hiding within the patterns =D.

Twilight cats!
My snaily and flowery garden!
Birds on a branch!

I am really happy to have learned this new type of stitching!!!

(There are more pictures of this sampler in my DeviantArt stitching gallery =D)

Some pattern and guide links:

~Adrielle =)