Friday, October 25, 2013

Lego CSI Movie - Pre-Production

Elle and I have started with the pre-production phase of our stop motion Lego CSI movie. Research, planning, and script writing has been happening, and we are about to start finalizing the story line and script so that we can start working out shots and storyboarding our movie.

As we have never done anything on this scale before, we are planning on doing some pre-production shooting to test out some of our ideas using stop motion - just to see if things are going to work the way that we intend them to. Hopefully, everything will go well!

Some of the preliminary animation for our film has been done already, like the fingerprint analysis sequence that will appear on computer screens in the background of one of our scenes. It is not a brilliant piece of video on its own - but once it is integrated into the background, we are hoping it should work well.

We may be ambitious, having only done very short/small projects in the past, but we have been writing plays and playing with Lego since we were kids, and are determined to give this a go!

The finished product is obviously a long way off, but it is exciting to be starting the journey.

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