Monday, August 5, 2013

My Final Assignment - The Race!

The last assignment that I did for my 3D art and animation course was a short pod race movie, which I creatively titled "The Race". The assignment was submitted in three parts. 

The first part of the assignment involved research, storyboarding and concept art. After the research was done, I started designing my pod racer and some props to decorate the race scene. I used a mixture of pen and paper, and Photoshop to create my designs. I also came up with the racetrack layout, and some ideas for storyboard frames. Starting with some rough ideas, I then began to refine those that I liked the best.

Rough pod racer designs - mostly hand-drawn in pencil
Rough pod racer designs
More rough pod racer designs - drawn in pen and pencil
More rough pod racer designs
Pod racer rough scale - in gold tones
Pod racer rough scale
Rough ideas for plants and props - drawn using Photoshop, pen and pencil
Rough designs for plants and props

Some rough ideas for the storyboard, drawn in black pen
Some ideas for the storyboard
A draft storyboard frame - a color image of pod racers lining up at the starting line, drawn using Photoshop
A draft storyboard frame
A very rough real-world model of my scene (made from Lego!). to help me to work out the scale
A very rough real-world model of my scene (made from Lego!), to help me work out the scale
Draft racetrack layout - drawn with colored pens
Draft racetrack layout
A test-2D-animation of some beacon ideas

I ended up settling on the following pod, prop, storyboard and racetrack designs:

Pod racer concept
Props and plants concepts
Racetrack layout

Once I had my designs done, it was on to the next part of the assignment - content creation and integrating the work of my virtual team mates. Using my designs, plans and story board, I created the models that were required for my movie, and imported assets that the other members of the team had created. This 3D work was done using 3ds Max. I textured and animated these models, and placed cameras and some basic lights - so that I could see how the scene would look from each camera angle.

Pod racer cockpit - test renders
Modeling the pod engines
Test renders of the pod racer cockpit and engines
Some texture ideas

Once I was finished with this, I was ready to move on to the final stage of my assignment - lighting, rendering and editing the movie. I created the title and credits sequences, and also created some music and gathered sound effects, using Music Studio for iPad. Lighting was kept simple - to speed up rendering times, and editing was done using Premiere Pro CC. Finally, I rendered and compressed the finished movie file, and I was ready to submit!

The Race movie

I passed my course =).