Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pictures of my Halloween 2012 =). I was a Spider Queen!

I tried to do a spidery manicure, but it was a very rushed job, and the polish I used was really old and didn't dry properly :/ On the upside - it washed off in the shower without me having to use nail polish remover... 

I made myself  a spidery crown out of beads, wire, cotton, and fake spider webs, then added a black rubber spider - just to top it off. I also made a spider necklace out of wire and beads - so his legs are pose-able! 

I like the rainbow eye shadow =D And the eye liner spider webs! Also, I like to pose... lol! Now you know where Shelley gets it from!

The BYS black lipstick was a bit of a downer though. It thinned out and kept getting on my teeth... 
 Although, I guess Spider Queens probably do have black teeth?

I started off wearing a cape, but got too hot, and discarded it... 
 Moke thought it made a good pillow =D

Sadly, I had done a lot of things that day, and felt a bit too queasy to eat much at tea time - but Kecap made some lovely green pasta with green cheese for dinner... 
And, of course, we had lots of 'Halloween Candy' (lollies!) - which I am enjoying today! We also had cute decorations =)

I like Halloween =D. It gives me something to plan for, look forward to, and dress up for - and any holiday where you dress up and eat food has to be awesome! Hehe!

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