Friday, August 3, 2012


Sally was one of the severum babies that was too small to sell. I had to hand feed him/her when he/she was small and very weak - Sally spent much of the time hiding in a tree and leaning on the leaves to keep upright. However, after a while of hand-feeding several times a day, Sally rallied and became a very strong and healthy fish!  

Here are some pics of Sally's parents - Chomp and Shortie (and Sally and his/her brothers and sisters):
Laying eggs! 

When small, Sally was completely white - and almost transparent.Later, he/she began to show bright yellow on the bottom fins around feeding time (just like his/her parents - green severum Chomp, and blue severum Shorty). Then, the yellow colour was mostly there most of the time.

But over the last couple of days, Sally has just started getting his/her adult colours! Bright yellow fins with yellow freckles and patterns all over his/her body! 

As can be seen in the pictures above, severums can alter their colour with their mood - they tend to become brighter coloured and/or stripy when they are excited (dinner time, trying to impress a mate, scaring off other fish etc.), and duller when they are sleepy (or sick). They change colour in seconds (especially when they see people walking to the fish food fridge...) - it's like magic! 

Getting a picture of an excited severum isn't easy - they don't stay still lol! But here are some pictures of Sally today:

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