Thursday, February 16, 2012


Freddle is my baby severum. He was born in my house last year, and was too small to go to the pet shop with his brothers and sisters. We thought that he might not survive because he was so small and stressed. He used to sit in the tree gasping for air when he was teeny, which was a pretty worrying sign! Anyway, I have been hand feeding him meal worm guts to supplement his diet and try to get him to put on weight and grow. I am really happy to say that all these months later, he is going really well! 

Here are some pics of him (or maybe her - it is difficult to tell the sex of a severum until they are a bit bigger) taken in December:

Here are some newer pictures that I took this morning. He is hard to take pictures of now because he is so fast and energetic! He is more severum-shaped now, and his baby stripes are getting lighter (although, he can change his colors and make his stripes darker when he gets excited, especially around feeding time!)

He is still quite small for his age (although the rate of growth among baby severums varies somewhat), but he is acting happy and healthy, and is eating well. Here are some pictures of him tonight =D

He now enjoys catching and eating small earthworms! 

Hopefully he will continue to thrive and grow into a big healthy adult severum one day, just like his parents =D

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